The Emerging Market Skeptic website evolved in part out of a few Seeking Alpha articles I wrote about emerging market investment topics after having grown tired of reading articles written about emerging markets by armchair analysts whose only experience in such places might be a few hour shopping trip across the border in Tijuana or perhaps a two week vacation to someplace more “exotic” like the crowded beach resorts of Phuket.

Having lived in Southeast Asia for over a decade, I have come to realize that investors need to take a more skeptical and realistic view of the risks and rewards that come with investing in emerging markets. And while I would be most familiar with countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam (as I have or spend most of my time in these locations), the more skeptical viewpoint one develops from living, working and spending time in such places is applicable for analyzing other “hot” or “hyped” emerging markets in other regions of the world.

Moving forward and given constraints on my personal time verses the payout or income generally made from websites/blogs, the Emerging Market Skeptic site will become a one stop curated “Drudge Report” site with a mix of both serious info/news (original or otherwise) along with some tabloidish news that’s just plain interesting about investing in frontier markets / emerging markets. Eventually, there will also be a premium content section containing emerging market portfolios, other special resources and a subscription newsletter. Remember, legendary investor Peter Lynch’s most basic investment principle was simply “Invest in what you know” and frontier markets / emerging markets are something I have first hand knowledge and experience in.

Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me (the editor of this site and do note that I generally accept all invitations on there), view the site’s ethics and disclosure page and learn how you can support this site.

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  1. Richard Wiggins July 8th, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Will you send me your Seeking Alpha articles? And anything else that you think is really good (perhaps from others)? I wrote the two Most Read pieces in Institutional Investor last year and am the strategist at Saud Aramco. Thanks!


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