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Depending upon how you calculate it and right now, keeping a simple investing or news website or blog running costs at least $10 to $15 a month just for basic web hosting and the URL or roughly one trade with a discount broker. And don’t believe that many website or blog owners are getting rich or even remotely earning a living off their Google Adsense or CJ affiliate marketing links (someone needs to click on an advertisement for the website owner to make any real money…) or Amazon Associates accounts as income from either rarely covers the hosting charges AND the time it takes to write or post content.

And while posting articles on our Seeking Alpha page for 1 cent per page view (if the article is premium, meaning it can’t be re-posted anywhere else and a writer is effectively building up their website where the business model can be changed at any time) along with other finance sites will help support this site, such articles must conform to the strict whims of their editors or the website owner’s point of view (whether objective or not).

If you have found any of the articles or information on here about emerging markets useful (or perhaps they have made or saved you money on what would have been a bad trade), feel free to make a small donation towards the upkeep of this site so more time can be justified to dedicate towards improving and writing or finding interesting and more importantly – objective content on here or for other sites

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If you have a fund, product, brand or service that might be appropriate for an ad or some sort of sponsorship on this website, please contact us. Just keep in mind that the Emerging Market Skeptic will NOT allow any type of advertisement or sponsorship to get in the way of objectively writing or posting links about emerging markets or other relevant topics and any such relationship (beyond affiliate ads from the likes of sites like Google, CJ or Amazon) will need to be disclosed on our disclosure page.

For fund or investment managers, advertising on some of our static ADR, closed-end fund, ETF and other fund pages (coming soon) or on posts tagged with certain country/region tags or in a particular category would be of strong interest.


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