Investing in Taiwan ADRs / Taiwanese Stocks List

Its no surprise that NYSE and Nasdaq listed Taiwan ADRs are dominated by semiconductor stocks as Taiwan’s economy is very much tied to the global semiconductor/electronics supply chain – especially smartphones and tablet components. Many Taiwanese companies also have significant investments in and exposure to China, Vietnam and other emerging markets where they have shifted low end manufacturing work or export their component products to. In addition, the NYSE listed Taiwan closed-end fund, the Taiwan Fund Inc (NYSE: TWN), has a heavy allocation (more than a quarter of the fund) in Taiwanese semiconductor or electronics stocks. Otherwise, investors interested in investing in Taiwan ADRs should also check out our Taiwan ETF list along with our Asia Pacific ETF  list, East Asia ETF lists (including China ETF list and Hong Kong ETF list), Asia Pacific closed-end fund list, East Asia closed-end fund list and China closed-end fund list pages as some region wide and/or China ETFs or closed-end funds may have exposure to Taiwan or Taiwanese stocks.

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List of Taiwan ADRs Trading on Major US Stock Exchanges & the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Exchange

1Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc ASXNYSESemiconductors
2AU Optronics Corp AUONYSETechnology
3Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd CHTNYSETelecommunications
4Himax Technologies, Inc HIMXNASDAQSemiconductors
5Lite-On Technology LTOTYOTCElectronics
6Silicon Motion Technology Corp SIMONASDAQSemiconductors
7Siliconware Precision Industries Co Ltd SPILNASDAQSemiconductors
8Taiwan Fund, Inc TWNNYSEClosed-End Fund
9Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Co Ltd TSMNYSESemiconductors
10United Microelectronics Corporation UMCNYSESemiconductors

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC)

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC) began operating as a stock exchange in early 1962 and has a handy Guide to Investing in Taiwan on its website. In addition, the ‧GreTai Securities Market (GTSM) was launched in February 1988 for the over-the-counter trading of securities while the Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) was established in 1997 as the sole derivatives exchange in Taiwan.

Taiwan Stocks and Investing ResourcesTaiwan ADRs

Here are some useful and mostly English news resources for investing in Taiwan ADRs or stocks or about Taiwan in general:

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