Emerging Market Currency ETF List

A list of emerging market currency ETNs or ETFs issued/managed by fund managers Barclays iPath, Guggenheim, PIMCO, Van Eck and WisdomTree offer investors exposure to the Brazilian Real, Chinese Renminbi/Yuan, Singapore Dollar, Indian Rupee and/or other emerging market currencies. However, investors will need to read all prospectuses and any other documentation associated with currency ETNs to ensure a complete understanding of exactly what is being invested in as owning a security directly “linked” to the performance of a particular underlying currency index is not the same as owning the actual currencies themselves in a bank account or in the form of cash. More specifically, ETNs are usually unsecured debt obligations of an issuer and are not, either directly or indirectly, an obligation of or guaranteed by any other third party – meaning its important to consider the credit worthiness and reputation of the issuer.

Emerging Market Currency ETF List*

ETFTickerMgr / AdvisorRegionCountryInceptionTracking Index
1CurrencyShares Chinese Renminbi Trust FXCHGuggenheimEast AsiaChina2011/10/04Chinese Renminbi
2CurrencyShares Singapore Dollar Trust FXSGGuggenheimSE AsiaSingapore2013/02/13Singapore Dollar
3iPath Asian & Gulf Currency Revaluation ETN PGDBarclays iPathAsiaMultiple2008/02/05Barclays Capital Global Emerging Markets Strategy Pegged Index
4iPath GEMS Asia 8 ETN AYTBarclays iPathMultipleMultiple2008/04/02Barclays Global Emerging Market Strategy (GEMS) Asia 8 Index
5iPath GEMS Index ETN JEMBarclays iPathMultipleMultiple2008/02/01Barclays Capital Global Emerging Markets Strategy (GEMS) Index
6iPath Optimized Currency Carry ETN ICIBarclays iPathMultipleMultiple2008/01/31Barclays Capital Intelligent Carry Index
7Market Vectors Chinese Renminbi/USD ETN CNYVan EckEast AsiaChina2008/03/14S&P Chinese Renminbi Total Return Index
8Market Vectors Indian Rupee USD ETN INRVan EckSouth AsiaIndia2008/03/14S&P Indian Rupee Total Return Index
9PIMCO Foreign Currency Strategy Exchange-Traded Fund FORXPIMCOMultipleMultiple2013/02/11BofA Merrill Lynch 1-3 Year Trade- Weighted Global Government Index
10WisdomTree Brazilian Real Fund BZFWisdomTreeLatin AmericaBrazil2008/05/14
11WisdomTree Chinese Yuan Fund CYBWisdomTreeEast AsiaChina2008/05/14JPMorgan Emerging Local Markets Index Plus
12WisdomTree Commodity Currency Fund CCXWisdomTreeMultipleMultiple2010/09/24Barclays Commodity Producers Currency Index
13WisdomTree Emerging Currency Fund CEWWisdomTreeMultipleMultiple2009/05/06JPMorgan Emerging Local Markets Index Plus (ELMI+) (JPPUELM)
14WisdomTree Indian Rupee Fund ICNWisdomTreeSouth AsiaIndia2008/05/14JPMorgan Emerging Local Markets Index Plus (ELMI+) India (In USD Terms)

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