Psigma’s Gregory: Sell Catch-All Global Emerging Market Funds & Be More Selective (FE Trustnet)

Tim Gregory, the head of global equities at the wealth manager at Psigma Investment Management, thinks investors should sell “catch-all” emerging market funds and be far more selective because there will be a huge discrepancy in performance between the different regions that comprise emerging market indices:

“This has been a very interesting theme for us and a very difficult theme at the same time, because we think emerging market equities are cheap, but you simply cannot bundle them all together. You have to be very careful and very selective. You cannot just say ‘we love emerging markets’, you’ve got to look at different components of emerging markets and select managers depending on the territories you like…. You can’t throw a blanket over it and buy an emerging market fund that has all of it covered because you may end up winning on one hand and losing it all on the other.”

To read the whole article, Gregory: You must ditch your catch-all emergings market fund, go to the website of FE Trustnet.

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