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China, now the second largest economy after the United States, has achieved extraordinary economic transformation over the last 40 years. And as China’s economy has transformed, so has the size and make-up of its equity market. Historically, international investors have had limited access to China’s vast domestic equity market, but Chinese regulators have been working to open the market to international investors via a number of access routes.

As a result of recent enhancements, China A Shares (available through the “Northbound” Stock Connect route) will be assigned as Secondary Emerging and will join the FTSE Russell’s global equity benchmarks in June 2019. Read this paper for deeper insight into China’s economic metamorphosis over the past 40 years as well as recent developments surrounding China’s domestic equity and bond markets, and to learn more about FTSE Russell’s approach to transitioning China A Shares into our global equity indexes.

To read/download the whole report, Understanding China’s Economic and Market Developments: Managing China’s Transition into Global Benchmarks, go to the website of FTSE Russell. 

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