Investing in Bahamas ADRs / Bahamas Stocks List

Bahamas ADRs consists mainly of stocks of foreign companies taking advantage of lower corporate tax rates without significant, if any, operations on the islands. For example: Steiner Leisure Ltd (NASDAQ: STNR), now OneSpaWorld Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: OSW), is one of the largest health and wellness services companies in the world (currently onboard 176 cruise ships and at 68 destination resorts around the world) while Lion Capital connected Leo Holdings Corp (NYSE: LHC) is a shell company focused on the formation of special purpose acquisition vehicles to invest in entrepreneurially driven consumer growth companies.

Shipping stock Teekay Tankers Ltd (NYSE: TNK) had maintained a head office in the Bahamas, but the Company is now headquartered in Canada while Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) Limited (NASDAQ: ULTR) was an Argentinian river barges operator that worked with companies such as Petrobras. In early 2017, Ultrapetrol begin chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. At the time, it was the “owner of one of the largest shipping businesses in South America.”

Investors interested in investing in Bahamas ADRs should check out our Latin America ETF list, Latin America ETF list (region wide) and Caribbean closed-end fund lists as some region wide ETF and closed-end funds may have exposure to Bahamas stocks.

List of Bahamas ADRs Trading on Major US Stock Exchanges & the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Exchange

1Leo Holdings CorpLHCNYSEShell Company
2Nymox Pharmaceutical CorporationNYMXNASDAQBiotech
3OneSpaWorld Holdings LimitedOSWNASDAQHospitality
4Steiner Leisure Limited STNRDelistedHospitality
5Teekay Tankers Ltd TNKNYSEShipping
6Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) Limited ULTRDelistedShipping

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The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX)

Founded in 1999, the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) offers a domestic market for the listing and trading of local public companies. In 2001, the Bahamas International Securities Exchange also launched a Mutual Fund listing facility targeted at meeting the needs of international investors.

Bahamas Stocks and Investing ResourcesBahamas ADRs

Here are some useful and mostly English news resources for investing in Bahamas ADRs or stocks or about the Bahamas in general:

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