Investing in Puerto Rico Stocks

Technically, there are no Puerto Rico ADRs for the US territory, but there are several Puerto Rico stocks trading on major US stock exchanges like the NYSE and the NASDAQ. All of these companies provide financial services on the island and beyond as some are also serving the Puerto Rican community on the mainland e.g. Popular Inc (NASDAQ: BPOP) has a number of bank branches in New York and New Jersey. Investors interested in investing in Puerto Rico ADRs should also check out our Latin America ETF list, Latin America ETF list (region wide) and Caribbean closed-end fund lists as some region wide ETF and closed-end funds may have exposure to Puerto Rico stocks.

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List of Puerto Rico ADRs Trading on Major US Stock Exchanges & the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Exchange

1Doral Financial Corporation DRLNYSEFinancial Services
2Evertec Inc EVTCNYSEFinancial Services
3First BanCorp FBPNYSEFinancial Services
4First BanCorp FBPRONYSEFinancial Services
5OFG Bancorp OFGNYSEFinancial Services
6OFG Bancorp OFG-PANYSEFinancial Services
7OFG Bancorp OFG-PBNYSEFinancial Services
8OFG Bancorp OFG-PDNYSEFinancial Services
9Popular Inc BPOPNASDAQFinancial Services
10Triple-S Management Corporation GTSNYSEInsurance

The Puerto Rico Stock Index (PRSI)

There is no Puerto Rico stock exchange but the Puerto Rico Stock Index (PRSI) is composed of six Puerto Rico stocks either headquartered and/or with their main place of business on the island.

Puerto Rico Stocks and Investing ResourcesPuerto Rico Stocks

Here are some useful and mostly English news resources for investing in Puerto Rico ADRs or stocks or about Puerto Rico in general:

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