Emerging Markets: A World of Opportunity (Nuveen)


• Emerging markets (EM) debt and equity assets tend to be underrepresented in U.S. investors’ portfolios.

• The long-term case for EM exposure remains strong. Strategic allocations to these assets may provide diversification benefits, enhanced return potential and compelling yield.

Even with heightened uncertainty about the U.S./China trade dispute, attractive EM investment opportunities are still available— but selectivity and active management are key.

Despite being investable asset classes for decades, emerging markets debt (EMD) and emerging markets equities (EME) remain poorly understood— and thus underrepresented in U.S. portfolios. Both EMD and EME offer a large, diverse array of opportunities. The EMD market, now valued at more than $22 trillion, includes government and corporate bonds issued in dozens of currencies. The EME universe has grown to just north of $6 trillion, or nearly 12% of the world’s total stock market capitalization, with thousands of companies in developing countries across the globe. READ MORE

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