Gary Shilling: 9 Investment Ideas for the Current Risk-On World (Business Insider)

Gary Shilling’s recent Insight revealed that in the current environment, he likes the following nine investments:

  1. Treasury bonds
  2. Selected income-producing securities
  3. Small luxuries
  4. Consumer staples and foods
  5. The U.S. dollar against the euro
  6. Selected health-care providers and medical office buildings
  7. Low P/E stocks
  8. Productivity enhancers
  9. North American energy producers ex renewables

In the newsletter, he commented:

“We believe that a “risk on” investment climate still prevails, despite the many warning signs related to economic growth and financial markets here and abroad…So we continue our defensive stance towards equities and suggest Treasurys as a safe haven and beneficiary of possible deflation, especially in the eurozone.”


“We’ve deleted our shorts on the Australian and Canadian dollars, which have risen as investors anticipate faster growth in China and increased demand for commodities. For the same reason, we’ve deleted our shorts on commodities, especially copper.”

To read the summary of the newsletter, GARY SHILLING: Here Are My 9 Investment Ideas For The Current Risk-On World, go to the website of Business Insider. The actual newsletter from A. Gary Shilling & Co. can be viewed here.

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