Investing in Egypt ADRs / Egyptian Stocks List

Although the Egyptian stock market is a shadow of its former self, there are some Egypt ADRs trading on the OTC (including the Pink and Grey markets). The most important Egypt ADR were companies that were part of the Orascom Group, 1) OCI NV and 2) Orascom Construction Industries. (Note: OCI NV announced a Takeover Offer for its former parent company, Orascom Construction Industries SAE in January 2013. The later now has a Cairo and Dubai listing). The combined entity is a leading natural gas-based fertilizers & chemicals and an engineering & construction contractor based in Amsterdam and Cairo that’s one of the region’s largest corporations with projects and investments across Europe, the Middle East, North America and North Africa (OCI NV is listed on the NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam).

Investors interested in investing in Egypt ADRs should also check out our Egypt ETF list along with our Middle East/Africa ETF list, Middle East ETF list, Middle East ETF (Region Wide) list, Africa ETF list and Africa ETF (Region Wide) list pages as some region wide ETFs may also have exposure to Egyptian stocks.

Note: Stocks delisted from the OTC (whether due to mergers, acquisitions or for other reasons) have been left in the table (as their websites still provide a good feel for the company and the local market) and may still trade on local or important European (e.g. London, Amsterdam etc) or Middle East (e.g. Dubai) stock exchanges. They may also be holdings of country or region specific ETFs or Indices.  

List of Egyptian ADRs Trading on Major US Stock Exchanges & the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Exchange

1Commercial International Bank CIBEYOTCQXFinancial Services
2GB Auto SAE GBAXYOTCPinkAutomotive
3Lecico Egypt SAE LECIYOTCGreyIndustrials
5Orascom Construction Industries ORASDFM+EGXIndustrials
6Remco Tourism Villages Construction SAE RMTVYDelistedReal Estate

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Note: If there are any ADRs to add or remove from this list or there are bad links, please write a note in the comments section so it can be fixed. Likewise, adding any other comments or advice would also be appreciated.

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX)

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) actually comprises of two former exchanges, the Alexandria Stock Exchange (established in 1883) and the Cairo Stock Exchange (established in 1903), which are both governed by the same board of directors and share the same trading, clearing and settlement systems. Both exchanges were very active in the 1940s when the combined Egyptian stock exchange ranked fifth in the world, but they largely went dormant from the 1960s until the 1990s when Egypt adopted socialist central planning policies.

Egypt Stocks and Investing ResourcesEgypt ADRs

Here are some useful and mostly English news resources for investing in Egyptian ADRs or stocks or about Egypt in general:

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