Investors Love and Hate Lula a Decade After He Made Them Very Rich (Bloomberg)

  • Those eyeing his comeback are split into two camps: locals who loathe him and foreigners who welcome his return.
  • His handpicked successor was impeached; the economy tanked; poverty soared; and a corruption scandal rocked the country, ultimately landing him in jail for 580 days.
  • Bruno Coutinho’s, the co-founder and chief executive of Rio de Janeiro-based Mar Asset Management, playbook for a Lula presidency: Buy liquid, large-cap stocks, which figure to attract much of the foreign money that pours into the market, as well as consumer stocks, which should benefit from his administration’s push to bolster household spending. Emy Shayo, an equity strategist at JPMorgan Chase & Co., sees it much the same way. She puts retailers, especially grocery stores, that cater to lower-income Brazilians high on her recommendation list if Lula wins. READ MORE

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