Xi’s Removal of Hu Points to ‘Common Prosperity,’ not Taiwan Invasion (Asia Nikkei)

  • Chinese president’s dissent-free cabinet hints at unpopular decisions ahead
  • Why does he want a cabinet with no dissent? Some may say he is preparing to be leader for life. But China is not North Korea. It is hard for a politician like Xi, with little to show in terms of achievements, to stay atop the country for so long.
  • “That’s a reform cabinet in disguise. It’s a common prosperity cabinet,” said Lauren Johnston, associate professor of the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. 
  • “The new leadership is a task force,” Zhu [Jianrong, a professor at Toyo Gakuen University in Tokyo] said. “Now that the strategy has been decided, the priority is to execute and implement the policies, not to debate about the path.” As for risk, “Xi now has his back against the wall,” Zhu said. “He got his team and will now have to deliver.” If at the end of five years Xi has not advanced toward his lofty goals, it would be difficult to suggest a fourth term.
  • If dividing the cake is the top priority, it makes little sense to embark on a lengthy battle over Taiwan that would drain China’s coffers and result in a smaller cake. “The unification of Taiwan and the effort to build a modern socialist country contradict each other,” Zhu said. “The goal is to win without fighting. China will prioritize catching up with the U.S. in overall national power while avoiding a full-front conflict until then at all costs… It’s a new version of Deng Xiaoping’s ‘biding time’ strategy.” READ MORE  (Web Cache)

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