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Note: “Preparing for war” might be an extreme take, but there were other good China insights in the podcast.

  • [Kyle] Bass, founder of the asset management firm Hayman Capital and prominent China hawk, claimed the Chinese are in a financial conundrum of their own making. “They have architectural problems,” the fund manager said in a Dec. 17 interview on the podcast Forward Guidance.
  • Blaming the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) incentives and monetary policies for creating an environment of “riverboat gambling in their property sector,” Bass warned of real estate’s burgeoning share of Chinese GDP. Estimates of the property market’s share in the nation’s economy vary, but economist and Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff estimated it to be around 30 percent, as of September 2021.

Kyle Bass: China’s Xi Intentionally Crashing Property Market, Preparing For War (Epoch Times) (Via ZeroHedge)

Forward Guidance podcast timestamps:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:06 Kyle Bass’ 2023 Macro Outlook
  • 04:20 Will A Global Recession Curb Energy Prices?
  • 13:10 China’s Economy
  • 23:00 The Chinese Communist Party
  • 28:46 Why Won’t Beijing Reflate?
  • 43:57 Russia and Putin
  • 48:42 Uranium and the Fed
  • 52:19 Outlook on Bonds in 2023

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