The 10 Hottest Startups in Asia Right Now (CNN)

CNN’s Virtual Think Tank digital series, which focuses on emerging markets and covers their startups, the power of the middle classes on their economies and the macro environment, has come up with a slideshow about the following ten hot Asia startups:

  1. Snaptee (Hong Kong) –  T-shirt with a slogan on it.
  2. Baobeihuijia (China) – “Baby Back Home.”
  3. Gogovan (Hong Kong) – “Uber for logistics.”
  4. Foodiequest – Aims to “gamify” food pics.
  5. Viki (Singapore) – global TV site.
  6. Mimi –  “What are your friends like when they’re anonymous?”
  7. Foureyes (Philippines) – Eyeglasses, including virtual try-on of the glasses.
  8. Triip – Customizing travel itineraries.
  9. Jamn – Makes the building blocks of song writing easy.
  10. Simple Wearables (Hong Kong) – Wearable device to bring emergency assistance to the elderly.

One recurring feature of emerging market startups is that they are often aimed at solving specific problems in a country with Napoleon Biggs, a Hong Kong-based digital media specialist, being quoted as saying:

“In the West, the internet is often slagged off as a place where people waste their time. In emerging economies, it’s more likely to be specifically engineered to overcome an existing problem.”

To read the article and watch the slideshow, The 10 hottest startups in Asia right now, go to the website of CNN.

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