The Surprising Secrets of Growth in Emerging Markets (City Wire: The Funds Fanatic Show)

NOTE: Joe Studwell interview from August. He is the author of two must-read books: Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia and How Asia Works.

  • Studwell (pictured) explains how east Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and latterly China have supercharged their development since the second world war while Southeast Asian nations have generally become stuck in a rut, as well as the role – or sometimes lack thereof – for foreign investors in that process.
  • Studwell also discussed:
    • What being an investment trust director involves.
    • The ‘one two three’ model that the most successful developing countries have all followed.
    • Why often-brutal land reform has been a key driver of agricultural development.
    • Why the auto industry is still a touchstone for developing economies.
    • And why the banking sector and stock market flourishing often signal bad news. READ MORE

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