Buying Stocks in Asia: The Ultimate Guide (InvestAsian)

How do you buy stocks in Asia? The exact process you’ll need to go through will depend entirely on which country you want to trade in.

If you’re simply looking to invest in major stock markets like Japan’s or Hong Kong’s, then the broker you normally use in your home country should work just fine.

Practically any decent brokerage firm based in the US or Europe will let you make international trades in developed Asia.

On the other hand, if you want to buy stocks in frontier markets like Vietnam or the Philippines, you’ll need to get a brokerage account in Asia. Your usual account won’t let you trade in the region’s difficult-to-access stock markets.

Keep reading to learn how you can buy stocks in Asia. We’ll show you how to trade anywhere from the region’s most developed nations, all the way to its high-potential frontier markets.

Source: Buying Stocks in Asia: The Ultimate Guide (InvestAsian)

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