Aberdeen CIO: India Will Surpass China for Growth (FE Trustnet)

Anne Richards, the chief investment officer at Aberdeen Asset Management, believes India is set to replace China as the big growth engine of emerging markets over the next 10 years. FE Trustnet quoted Richards as saying they are instinctive “likers” of India, although they also think the India stock market has gone a bit over hyped in the short term after Modi’s election:

“There is a lot resting on Modi and what he can actually deliver but India has demographics very much in its favour. That is the difference between India and China where the demographics are going the wrong way, in a similar way to Japan… For us, that longer-term underpinning – helped enormously by demographics – is an unstoppable trend and it is going to carry on… However, that is not to say that markets will always match the economic performance – we know there is a lot of debate about the correlation between markets and [economic] growth.”

In addition, Richards commented:

“We see all of the growth and interesting innovation and development now coming out of other parts of the world apart from the western world… We are already seeing big powerful companies out of Asia emerge to be global brand leaders. It is not just the US or UK that can produce the big global companies anymore, that just not the way the world is.”

To read the whole article, Why Aberdeen thinks India will surpass China for growth, go to the website of FE Trustnet. In addition, check out our India ADR page for India stocks trading on US exchanges.

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