Cristina Fernández May Not Go to Jail But Verdict Upends Argentina’s Politics (Guardian)

  • But on Tuesday she was sentenced to six years in prison in a verdict, which if upheld on appeal, will also ban her from holding public office for the rest of her life.Fernández immediately announced that she would not run for president, or any other kind of elected office, in the 2023 elections. The court’s ruling appeared to have abruptly sidelined the country’s most powerful – and most polarising – politician since Juan and Eva Perón, leaving many Argentinians wondering: what will come next?
  • Amid a worsening economic panorama, deep divides have emerged in their Frente de Todos coalition this year over issues including a March deal to renegotiate a large sovereign debt owed to the IMF. While Alberto has pursued a market-calming, conciliatory strategy, Cristina has pushed for a more hardline approach to the Washington-based lender. READ MORE

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