Why Investing in Emerging Market Infrastructure Makes Sense (Wealth Daily)

Wealth Daily has pointed out that Morgan Stanley predicts $22 trillion will be spent on emerging market infrastructure projects over the next decade and then mentioned these interesting facts to highlight the potential size of the investment opportunity in emerging market infrastructure:

  • Only 5% of Brazil’s roads are paved.
  • Merrill Lynch projects that $6 trillion will be spent on global infrastructure during the next three years.
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland estimates an average $1 trillion a year will be spent by emerging markets through 2030.
  • China is planning to build 97 new regional airports by 2020.
  • The top 20 container terminals have seen growth of 42% during the past three years.
  • 40% of Indian households do not have access to electricity.
  • Half of Jakarta’s 10 million citizens do not have access to running water.
  • Mumbai has an astounding 18,424 people per square mile (New York has 1,274).
  • South Africa is world’s fourth fastest growing mobile phone market.
  • Mexico City’s population will soon pass 20 million.
  • China is spending just under 10% of its GDP on infrastructure a year.

To read the whole article, Investing in Emerging Market Infrastructure: Morgan Stanley’s (NYSE: MS) $22 Trillion Bet, go to the website of Wealth Daily.


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