Rapid Aging in Emerging Markets will Impact Consumer Spending (AllianceBernstein)

Tassos Stassopoulos, who manages the Emerging Consumer strategy as well as the Global Growth/Thematic strategies at AllianceBernstein, has written an interesting post for the AllianceBernstein Blog on Investing pointing out how the rapidly aging demographic in emerging market countries is an important market for consumer companies.

To begin with and while emerging market countries like India and China are home to the world’s youngest populations in terms of size, older people will constitute a growing percentage of the population as birth rates decline and healthcare improves. As people live longer, older people are likely to play an increasingly greater role in consumer spending growth in the coming years.

According to AllianceBernstein estimates, annual consumer spending in emerging markets will rise from $12 trillion in 2014 to $63 trillion in 2030 — a $50 trillion increase. At the same time and in the top 12 emerging markets, the over-65 demographic is growing at an annual rate of approximately 3.7% – nearly double the rate in developed countries:

Emerging Market Skeptic - Rapid Aging in Emerging Markets

To read the whole blog post, Growing Older in Emerging Markets, go to the AllianceBernstein Blog on Investing. In addition, check out: Job Insecurity Hits the Middle Class / Older Workers in Emerging Markets (AllianceBernstein)

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