Key Findings: Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Consumer Survey

The Credit Suisse Research Institute has published its fifth annual Emerging Consumer Survey which profiles consumer sentiment and its drivers across the emerging world. The report found that a majority of the nearly 16,000 people interviewed said that now is not an ideal time to make a major purchase. India topped the Credit Suisse Emerging Consumer Scorecard 2015, moving up from fourth in last year’s scorecard while China fell from first in last year’s Scorecard to fifth this time round.

And while Credit Suisse analysts noted that the gloss may have come off the China story, it remains far from the greatest source of consumer vulnerability in emerging markets. As for which economies and consumers are most exposed to the current commodity and currency volatility, India, Turkey and China are less directly exposed while Russia, Latin America and South Africa are much more exposed.

Otherwise, key themes from the report included:

  1. e-Commerce and the emerging consumer.
  2. Travel & leisure and the emerging consumer.
  3. Autos and the emerging consumer.
  4. Healthcare and the emerging consumer (Access to healthcare is growing; Out-of-pocket spending remains stable; Trust in local brands, safety concerns are abating; and the age/income conundrum as disposable income continues to be more concentrated in the hands of the young).
  5. Brands and the emerging consumer.

Some country highlights include:

  1. Brazil: Steady decline continues
  2. China: Shifting online
  3. India: Stable government, strong consumer
  4. Indonesia: An under-penetrated market
  5. Mexico: Structural potential, cyclical hurdles
  6. Russia: Dark clouds gathering
  7. Saudi Arabia: The petro-dollar
  8. South Africa: Reduced optimism
  9. Turkey: Subdued but stable

There is also a short video discussing the study:

To read the press release / executive summary, Credit Suisse Publishes Fifth Annual Emerging Markets Consumer Survey, or to download the full report, Emerging ConsumerSurvey 2015, go to the website of Credit Suisse.

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