Miniso Far, Mumuso Good: How China’s ‘Cultural Copycats’ Took Over the World (SCMP)

Only a decade ago, the term “fake goods” conjured visions of counterfeit monogram bags and other faux designer items. Today, the same label is being applied to a growing number of discount chains of questionable origin.

Miniso, Mini Good, Mumuso, Yubiso, Yoyoso, Ximiso, Ilahui, Nome, Youi … the long, ever-growing list of names sounds more like a children’s rhyme than a tally of discount chains. But over the past few years – from historic shop buildings on the streets of Vancouver to glossy new storefronts of mega malls in Seoul – the world has seen the proliferation and rapid rise of dollar-store brands – many originating from China – selling everything from fuzzy bath slippers to brightly-coloured USB cables. READ MORE

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