To The World: Please Don’t Become Part of Thailand’s Internal Affairs Problem (The Nation)

Already, the western media, politicians and other talking heads are rushing to condemn the military coup in Thailand, but Pornpimol Kanchanalak has written an editorial (To the world: Please don’t become part of Thailand’s internal affairs problem) for The Nation that is harshly critical of the Western rush to judgement, noting:

Western media have harshly criticised the Constitutional Court and the National Anti-Corruption Commission, depicting them as thorns in the side of Thai democracy. They overlooked the string of illegal actions by the government that led to the verdicts. The falsification of documents by the office of the then-prime minister is never mentioned because foreign press never bothered to study the verdict thoroughly. Truth be told, the verdict and impeachment of Ms Yingluck and her Cabinet was as good and as fair as the US Congress’s decision to impeach Nixon over the Watergate case. In fact, the illegal acts, the cover-up, the abuse of power and the kickback schemes perpetrated by Nixon and his people pale in comparison with what the Thai government and its head did here.

Kanchanalak also stated that the world’s energy:

…would have been better spent in trying to locate more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian girls and bringing the kidnappers to justice. After all, Thailand is not Iraq or Afghanistan, where national sovereignty was completely trampled down by the West in the name of counter-terrorism.

To read the whole article, To the world: Please don’t become part of Thailand’s internal affairs problem, go to the website of The Nation. In addition, see the recent article for Seeking Alpha (The Shutdown Bangkok Protests: Is Thailand A Safer Investment Than You Think?) while some of my pictures of the Shutdown Bangkok protests can be viewed here plus I have uploaded some videos to a YouTube playlist posted here.

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