Emerging Market Funds Hammer Developed Market Funds in July (Interactive Investor)

Interactive Investor has noted that according to data from FE Analytics, the Asia Pacific excluding Japan and global emerging markets sectors were top performers in both the open and closed-ended space in July, notching up an average return of over 4% with specialist China funds performing particularly well. This compares to an average loss of around 1% in most mainstream developed market sectors – including the Investment Management Association’s (IMA’s) UK all companies sector which lost 0.83% in July and the Association of Investment Companies (AIC‘s) global sector, which lost 0.47% during the same period.

Top 10 performing open-ended sectors in July
Rank Sector Performance 1 to 31 July
1 IMA China/Greater China 6.5%
2 IMA Asia Pacific Excluding Japan 4.18%
3 IMA Asia Pacific Including Japan 3.3%
4 IMA Global Emerging Markets 2.87%
5 IMA UK Gilts 1.3%
6 IMA Japan 1.14%
7 IMA Property 1.13%
8 IMA North America 1.12%
9 IMA Japanese Smaller Companies 1.06%
10 IMA Global Emerging Market Bond 1.04%


Top 10 performing closed-ended sectors in July
Rank Sector Performance 1 to 31 July
1 IT Country Specialists Asia Pacific 5.43%
2 IT Asia Pacific Including Japan Equities 4.82%
3 IT Global Smaller Companies 4.63%
4 IT Asia Pacific Excluding Japan Equities 4.05%
5 IT Country Specialists Latin America 3.23%
6 IT Country Specialists Other 2.98%
7 IT Global Emerging Market Equities 2.4%
8 IT VCT Specialist Healthcare & Biotechnology 1.59%
9 IT Latin America 1.13%
10 IT Property Direct Asia Pacific 1.1%

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