No Emerging Markets Crisis According to Mark Mobius (FE Trustnet)

Franklin Templeton’s Mark Mobius has told FE Trustnet that a return to the dark days of the Asian financial crisis is not around the corner for emerging market investors because:

“Back then valuations were low but the market conditions were awful, whereas now we have low valuations but the fundamentals are attractive.”

Mobius expects the value of emerging markets to triple over the next 25 years, albeit with a significant amount of volatility. For that reason, he recommends investors buy into the asset class while valuations are at a low.

It should be noted that Mobius has been investing in emerging markets for more than 25 years, launching the Templeton Emerging Markets investment trust in 1989. Investors who invested in the fund in 1995 (as far back as FE data goes) would have made a 461.95% return.

To read the whole article, There is no emerging markets crisis, says Mark Mobius, go to the website of FE Trustnet.

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