Was Huawei Warned in Advance About the Vietnam Protests? (WCT)

Many Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Japanese factories and facilities were burned or damaged by protesters who mistook them for Chinese businesses while Huawei and other actual Chinese owned businesses escaped damages. WantChinaTimes is reporting that a post on Chinese forum Tianya published earlier this year suggests that Chinese businesses such as Huawei might have received word of the protests in advance or were at least well prepared for them:

The Huawei announcement urges its workers, friends and interpreters to evacuate immediately along with their vehicles and published three cell phone numbers offering Chinese and Vietnamese language services for people who need assistance. The company was set to halt all operations before the protests.

However and given that Huawei has branches in over 150 countries around the world and has abundant experience in dealing with natural and man-made disasters, it should not be a surprise that they were able to obtain intelligence about the protests in advance.

A senior Huawei executive has also stated that the company only has a few workers in Vietnam, and that it has not received any reported damage to its offices or telecommunication equipment in the country.

Read the whole article, Huawei may have been forewarned about Vietnam protests, in WantChinaTimes.

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