Lessons From a Decade of Chinese Stock Trading (WSJ)

Credit Suisse’s Nicole Yuen, who in 2003 became the first foreigner to trade mainland China stocks, recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about some of the lessons learned from a decade of stock trading in China. One key point or lesson that she makes towards the end of the interview was the following:

…the investor appetite and investor sentiment in the Asia market is very different from that of the international market or in Hong Kong. The Asia market is primarily made up of retail investors with a very short term focus and very speculative sentiments. They are also very close to the information source. So their reaction time is very quick. Now for international investors, they are much more distant from the market. Their appreciation of the events happening in China is completely different. And more serious, if an international investor do have a choice, they do not have to go into China as can actually invest in stocks in other parts of Hong Kong or the US that are related to China.

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