Russians Are Fed Up – With America & Its President “Maximka” (NY Observer)

According to a lengthy New York Observer article, the USA is known as the “United States of Pindostan” in Russia while President Obama is referred to as “Maximka” – neither are compliments. The word “pindos” in Russian is highly offensive as it refers to a helpless creature who is a product of a very bad educational system and who can only survive in this world only with the help of various gadgets while the “stan” stands for an underdeveloped state like “Pakistan,” “Kazakhstan” or “Uzbekistan.”

As for “Maximka,” he was a character from a 1952 Soviet movie which tells the story of a black boy saved by Russian sailors from the cruelty of American slave-traders who were abusing him and calling him just “Boy.” The saved boy ends up being well fed by the Russian crew, given the name Maximka and becomes one of their own in the end.

The article goes on to note that according to the respected Moscow “Levada Center,” which measures political sentiment in Russian society, 74% of Russians have negative feelings towards the USA whereas back in the 1990s, 80% had a positive attitude towards America. In addition, 76% of Russians hate President Obama personally and only 2% like him. In 2009, only 12% of Russians had extremely negative feelings towards him.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has reported that Russian shops are showing their anti-US sentiment by putting out American flag doormats for customers to wipe their feet on:

A customer wipes his feet on the stars and stripes as he enters a Moscow supermarket

To read the whole articles, Russians Rage Against America: Enduring Sanctions, Anger Turns to Hate: Racist Names for Obama and Putin Disses Coca-Cola and The stores and stripes: Russian shops show their anti-US sentiment by putting out American flag doormats for customers to wipe their feet on, go to the website of the New York Observer and the Daily Mail, respectively.

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