CLSA Feng Shui Index 2018

As is tradition, our annual CLSA Feng Shui Index offers an alternative look at what’s in store for you and the Hang Seng in 2018, more for your pleasure than profit, but you never know, you may just get lucky!

Like astrologists summoned in the West by politicians and lesser mortals, Feng Shui masters are valued in the Orient by those looking to foretell the future. If you’re running a hedge fund, no doubt you’ll take our sorcerer’s view of fortunes in the Year of the Dog with no more than a wag of the tail, but curiosity if not superstition may get the better of you.

Scroll down to sniff out all manner of forecasts for the year ahead. Peering into the polished doggy bowl, we reveal your zodiac’s health, wealth, love and career stars, speculate on what awaits some celebrities, suggest a good place to kennel and, most importantly, predict the Hang Seng Index’s monthly dog path and the auspiciousness of particular days.


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