Gotion High-tech Co (SHE: 002074 / FRA: 24U0): The EV Battery Maker Causing a Stir in Michigan

Gotion High-tech Co (SHE: 002074 / FRA: 24U0) researches, develops, manufactures and markets lithium EV batteries with Volkswagen owning a 30% stake. With plans to expand a China-only operation globally, Gotion High-tech’s subsidiary recently made negative headlines in the USA:


  • Segments: Passenger VehiclesCommercial VehiclesSpecial VehiclesLight Vehicles Energy Storage & Solutions
  • Gotion High-tech, which commands less than a 3% global share, is currently the eighth-largest EV battery supplier in the world based on volume, and the fourth largest in China. Starting this year, the company will expand what is essentially a China-only operation into a global network, placing a third of the capacity overseas. Its principal investor, Volkswagen, which purchased a roughly 30% stake in Gotion in 2021, will be a major part of this global push (China battery maker Gotion plugs into VW for global expansion).
  • Global R&D centers were established in Hefei, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Cleveland, Tsukuba, Singapore, Europe, Germany and other places. Volkswagen (China) invested about 1.1 billion euros to become a shareholder of Gotion Hi-Tech on May 28, 2020. The two sides will jointly carry out battery technology innovation and R&D, making Hefei City, even Anhui Province an important base of China’s electric vehicle industry, and welcome the arrival of the global electric era. (About)
  • Tesla, VW & Gotion High-Tech’s scary battery CHESS moves (Youtube) 9:00 Min
  • Gotion, a subsidiary of China-based company Gotion High-Tech, will invest $2.4 billion to construct two 550,000 square-foot production plants across 260 acres in Michigan.
  • During a public hearing for the Michigan Senate’s appropriations committee, locals condemned plans to use $175 million in taxpayer funds….. Despite being aggressively confronted for considering the plans, the committee went on to approve the measure in a tight 10-9 vote, with every Republican and three Democrats on the committee coming out against it (Daily Mail). 
  • According to Fox News, the corporate bylaws of Gotion High-Tech, the parent company of Gotion, mandates that the company carries out Party activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Communist Party of China.’
  • P/E (Google Finance): 237.61 / P/E (Yahoo! Finance): 228.58
  • Dividend Yield (Google Finance): 0.37% / Forward Dividend & Yield (Yahoo! Finance): 0.36%





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Gotion High-tech 国轩高科 – Company Profile on ChinaEDGE

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