Investors in Emerging Market ETFs Should ‘Look Under the Hood’ (Reuters Video)

  • MarketVector’s Steven Schoenfeld says there are ways to mitigate risk, but investors need to “look under the hood” to see how these ETFs are constructed.
  • They focus on operational risk and “watch what they do, not what they say.” Schoenfeld noted that the “era of believing that an overall allocation to emerging markets, while you’re blind to how the governments how governments are run and corporate governance at the company level, I think that era is over.” Investors “need to look at it with very rigorous metrics and lenses; and also look beyond the standard emerging markets into the frontier markets and even beyond looking looking for newly emerging markets.”
  • Schoenfeld believes Brazil small cap and domestic stocks have upside. South Korea and Vietnam have been hit by energy costs and China vs. Taiwan and North vs. South Korea conflicts, but there are opportunities to buy the dip. READ MORE

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